Crafted by Hand

Fast. Light. Strong.

Skim Style


If you spend time on the water, you know the cove is where everything happens. Like the party cove or the wakeboard cove, we hope this Cove becomes a favorite too. Our goal is to provide top quality wakesurfing products for our customers. Truly a grassroots start-up, we have no corporate rules to follow and no Wall Street shareholders to please. Cove is led by the dreams of wakesurfers who want a versatile product at an affordable price. Launching in 2014 with a skim style wakesurf board, we aim to bring a good looking and high performing shape to a boat near you.

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PRELUDE 52″ & 55″


    • Streamlined body provides low drag coefficient
    • Ultra Lightweight
    • Single fin allows for flow and speed


    • The Prelude is built using a vacuum bagging process which removes excess epoxy resin from fiberglass to obtain higher fiber-to-resin ratios, resulting in the highest strength-to-weight ratio possible.


    • The progressively rounded rail and tapered design prevent the board’s nose from “submarining” into the water. The rails on the Prelude allow for a looser feeling as you lean towards the nose, but keep the tail locked into the wake.


    • E-glass epoxy composite
    • EPS foam core
    • EVA diamond traction with 10mm raised arch and 25mm kicktail
    • Laminated fiberglass fin